Bo K’s Bio & Terms of Usage

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, Robert Kunzendorf earned his diploma from Walter Johnson High School, his Bachelor’s degree from Yale College, and his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.  During his 35-year tenure at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Prof. Kunzendorf conducted and published research on various manifestations of visual imagination, on diverse issues related to consciousness and the mind-body problem, and on different aspects of existential psychology.  Before retiring, he published his sixth and final book–On the evolution of conscious sensation, conscious imagination, and consciousness of self.  Since retiring, he has been enjoying time with his daughters and grandchildren, enjoying time and travel with Liz–his wife of 45+ years–and writing songs under the name “Bo” while studying guitar with Jeremy Seeger.

Terms of Usage:  Any persons performing or recording any arrangement of a song by Bo Kunzendorf may do so for no charge, but must acknowledge his copyrighted authorship of the song.